Social media marketing is no longer a new concept.
And as social media has evolved, consumers have evolved as well. Social networks today are much different than what they were 5 years ago – they’re publicly traded corporations, which are in business to monetize its user data.

However, for as much user data as there is on the internet due to social media consumption, the fact remains that today’s consumer doesn’t want to be sold to via their iPhone screen on Facebook any more than they enjoy watching a commercial on their television.

Therefore, to have a chance at winning, here are 3 tips to make sure your business dominates social media marketing in 2019.

Pay to Play Is Here to Stay and It’s Not Going Away

Facebook ads are perhaps the best form of online advertising around today.

Why? Facebook has over 2 billion users around the world, and with all the data Facebook collects from these users, including you and I, this data can be leveraged to your advantage to reach potential customers and clients of your business. To maximize your ROI on Facebook ads, you should set a monthly budget, have a clear objective (whether its bid for engagement and conversions vs. views or impressions) and run targeted ads. This will help you reach your ideal customer based on demographic, location, and interest-based data.

The Rise of User-Generated Content
Today a customer will research before she decides to buy what she needs. People compare prices, search for deals, check with friends, and a lot more, before they hit the buy button.

Word-of-mouth publicity, referrals, and the story behind the product play a significant role in the customer’s purchase decision. Many businesses have started embracing user-generated content to promote their brand and to add a personal touch to their promotions.

You can leverage UGC by creating contests like ‘your favorite memory with our product’, or simply through hashtags. You can also reward the best entries or mention your customers for sharing their stories with you. This creates brand awareness, engages your audience, and leads to better customer experience with minimal investment.

Live Videos Gaining Popularity
Videos offer what pictures and text cannot. And the upsurge of live videos supports the fact that humans love visual experiences, especially if they feel ‘part of the moment’. Live videos are more engaging and interactive and add a new dimension to content personalization. It is one of the most authentic ways to connect with your audience, and it helps build trust in your brand!
Messaging Apps and Chatbots
The popularity of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp has made it simpler to connect to consumers. Chatbots are starting to become marketers’ favorite tool to have one-to-one conversations with their customers. They have an easy-to-use interface, are quicker to use, and convenient (not many people are a fan of picking up the phone and calling). Chatbots provide platforms to provide instant customer service, improving the customer experience.
Augmented Reality Starting to Make an Appearance
Augmented Reality is taking baby steps in the social media realm in the form of facial filters, geo-filters, etc. Marketers should devise creative ways to take advantage of existing and upcoming AR features. As AR becomes more prevalent, it will provide a more engaging experience to your audience.


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